it’s ironic how middle school boys will make fun of the gay kid but then draw dicks on literally everything


ive been stuck between 1985-1991 for literally a month can i get a promo Perhaps






Imagine you cuddling with your icon, both of your are very comfortable and enjoy the other’s presence when out of nowhere they say, “Nipple Semicolon windows 8.”

…Do you think we’ll ever meet again?

ok homework+edit time!!

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He’d probably have nice noises like birds chirping and ocean waves. then he’d have an optional quiet calming music overlay

ooh yeah o: probably a realllly pretty background too. like, maybe a field of flowers or something else >u<

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probably soft music and calming stuff tbh

omg yeah i’m pretty sure he’d have a really nice song on autoplay or something



if nagito had a tumblr i wonder what his blog would be like? would he reblog a lot of cute puppies and kitties or post quotes about hope or

puppies!! puppy blog!! Okay yeah he’d definitely blog a bunch of little puppies and kittens cause’s actually a huge animal person (especially dogs) and you bet he would reblog beautiful things. Flowers, sun rises and sun sets, fields of snow, etc etc. 

But he probably gets a lot of anon hate for sharing his ideals. But do you think he really gives a shit?? naaaah. He’ll just continue posting his hopey ideals. When he’s not reblogging cute-beautiful things or posting about hopey things, he’s probably blogging about school, students, etc. Or the dumb things he does. Like I do sometimes on here.

and you can bet he uses a lot of (◕‿◕✿) emotes


Ultimate Madoka Reference by Ume Aoki


Ultimate Madoka Reference by Ume Aoki


쿠와타여체 (장ㅇ렬히 전사함